About me

Antje Schlaud

  • Born 1959 Thuringia/Germany
  • Grew up near Plauen/Vogtl.
  • Left the GDR in 1988
  • Lived in Frankfurt a.M. and surroundings for 12 years
  • since 2000 in Remagen, 30 miles south from Cologne

Artistic education

At various art academies (Bad Reichenhall, Akademie for Fine Arts Kolbermoor, Katholisch Soziales Institut) and Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn – Atelier für Bildende Kunst, among others with Elvira Bach, Felix Eckardt and Franziskus Wendels (painting) and Washington Matafi (sculpture and sculpture).

Since 2004 artistic work

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